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6 years ago

Create a generic List from C# dll in python script

Using my C# dll in TestComplete as CLR Bridge and want to create a python script routine where I initialize the settings.SpecificValue with a List of SpecificValueClass Objects. Does someone know how to do this?
Here more details about my code:


var settings = new SettingsClass();
settings.SpecificValue = new List<SpecificValueClass>();

This is the code example in my C# project.

I have a python script which imports the .dll with this code example and I want to create this settings.SpecificValue variable within the python script.

Is it somehow possible without making a function in C# which I can call within python code.

public class SettingsClass
    public bool Timesync { get; set; }
    public string SystemName { get; set; }
    public string Timezone { get; set; }
    public List<SpecificValueClass> SpecificValue{ get; set; }

public class SpecificValueClass
    public string ID { get; set; }
    public int value { get; set; }

In python I want to call it like this:

settings = SettingsClass() <-- this call is no problem and I can do it with a dotNet library in python
settings.SystemName = systemname
settings.Timesync = timesync
settings.Timezone = "%s//%s" % (timezone1,timezone2)
settings.SpecificValue = ... <-- not sure how to make this to create a empty List / empty whatever so I can add 2 objects of the type SpecificValueClass 

(creating the 2 objects ob SpecificValueClass is also possible) So the only part that I can not get to work is the initialization of the settings.SpecificValue as it is a generic List ...

Any help would be appreciated

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    5 years ago


    typeListOf = dotNET.System.Type.GetType("System.Collections.Generic.List`1")
    objType = dotNET.namespace.SpecificValueClass.zctor().GetType()
    paramTypes = dotNET.System.Array.CreateInstance(dotNET.System.Type.GetType("System.Type"), 1)
    paramTypes.SetValue(objType, 0)
    typeListOfString = typeListOf.MakeGenericType(paramTypes)
    newValue = dotNET.namespace.WattPeakValues.zctor()
    newValue.ID = 1



    Got it to work! You have to programm the part that usually C# makes for you with the <T> ... little confusing but it works now

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      Another question, would it be possible / good to use TestLeft in this case so I can integrate the code? We never used TestLeft before but from what I have looked over, it might help in this case

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        > would it be possible / good to use TestLeft in this case

        With TestLeft you have all your test code written in .Net (or Java), so you have direct access to all .Net infrastructure and functionality.

        Note however, that TestLeft supports Desktop and Web only and not all technoligies supported by TestComplete. So you should check if TestLeft supports development environment/technologies required for your tested application.