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7 years ago

Convert the Test log .mht file in to Excel



I have test complete results in .mht file and I want to convert it into Excel file. can you suggest me How can I do it best and proper format? Is there any direct conversion tool available or Should I write a script for that? If I have to write a script can you give me some basic idea how can I do it?


Thanks in Advance!!


  • The MHT file is a specific kind of file for archving and packaging web pages for easy transport (see  So... there's not an easy way to "convert" this to an Excel file.


    If you prefer your report output to be in an Excel format, this will have to be custom code.  Basically, every where your automation writes to the TestComplete log, you would have to add code to out put to your desired Excel format.  Alternatively, you could export the log to XML and then write custom code to parse the XML into your Excel file after the fact.  But, natively, there's no built in function or tool in TestComplete to write the log out to Excel.

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