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12 years ago

Connecting to an XP machine with RDP through TestComplete


I'm trying to get my tests running with TestExecute(9) on an XP VM.

The problem is whenever I try to connect or even verify a connection to the host I get the error : RPC Call error: you may need to configure the firewall on the remote host.

The firewall on the machine is disabled, and I managed to set up connection to windows 7 machines with no problem.

I've configured the correct IP, username and password, and set up a basepath.

And I manage to RDP to it manualy, and even when I change the host login mode to manual I get the same error.

Does anyone know this issue and how to get around it?

Thanks ahead,


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    Hello Yship,

    The "RPC call error. You may need to configure the firewall settings on the remote host." error message can occur if the TestComplete 9 Service is not running on the host to which you are trying to connect.

    Please make sure that the TestComplete 9 Service is running on your Windows XP host.

    We are aware of the fact that the error message you get is distracting. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix the error message in one of future releases and make it clearer.

    Thank you.