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2 years ago

Configuring Test Complete Runs for a network archive

We have a cometing gui test tool used to run our application for "validation" testing and we store the results of our runs in a network share with subfolders named for the application build and application configuration (The application supports a lot of different project types).   As a result we have a python program that runs this other gui-test-tool and we run this repeatedly with the project to load, and the log files folder to put results, and the location to save application results like export.  The tests we run don't change and we run the code in the GIT folder and the location of that folder never changes.  Outside of other-gui-test tool, we have to copy the application project from network location to local disk because the tests modify the application project and we want to start the tests from a known good state.


 How do I accomplish that with test complete?  It seems that test logs have to be inside the Test Complete project. So that's one stumbling block.  We found we can export to another location, but then they are readable with the tests until we import.  So do we maintain a second copy of test complete in the network location?   Another object is copying application projects before testing.   Should we use python code in Test Complete? or should we have python code like we have with the other GUI-Test-Tool that invokes Test-Complete as a sub-process.   We currently run and it invoke <other-gui-tool>-runner.exe with <project-name>, <report-folder>, <export-folder>, and other parameters.  


Suggestions please.

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    In your Git repository, you can exclude certain files and folders. You download your source files i.e. TestComplete project, and run your project using TestExecute (you can to store the results to a different location). Or you can use TestCompete on your local machine to edit the code, and run your scripts. Again, results can be stored to a different location. When you check in the files, you can exclude checking in the Log folder.