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2 years ago

Command refresh in PostgreSQL with TestExecute

I have a script where I use the refresh command to update data in PostgreSQL after doing an update and it works correctly in TestExecute 14. However, when running this script with TestExecute in vers...
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    2 years ago

    Hi... Sorry for the delay in answering, I was doing tests and simulations here...
    The version of TestComplete we use in development is 14.10.1042.7 x64.
    The versions of TestExecute we have running here are 14.10.1042.11 x64 and 14.91.341.11 x64...

    The problem happens on the machine that uses TestExecute 14.91.341.11 x64.
    I did tests with TestComplete and it ran just fine...

    I managed to make it work on TestExecute 14.91.341.11 x64 by changing Refresh to Requery:






    Using Requery worked correctly in all versions of TestExecute. After all, the error wasn't related to PostgreSQL.


    Thank you for your help.