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6 years ago

Command line can't find test

Can someone help me interpret the TestComplete command line?


I'm running this:

C:\Users\Steven>testcomplete.exe "C:\Users\Steven\Documents\TestComplete 14 Projects\Demo\Demo.pjs" /run /project:Demo /test:"Script\NextTry" /ExportLog:C:\Users\Steven\TestComplete\Logs\LogDemo0001.html /exit


I've attached a screenshot of my project and the error the command line is giving me.


Why doesn't testcomplete find the test script when I've go the project suite, project, folder and test named?


Thanks in advance,




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    6 years ago

    If you DO want to use the "/test" switch, it needs to be in the form of


    /test: "Script|<unit name>|<routine name>"


    Notice the use of vertical pipes and not slashes.

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