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5 years ago

Code analysis Via TestComplete

Hello,   I'm looking for a way to integrate a code analysis under Test Complete. Is there a plugin or external software able to interact with the code developed under TC
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    5 years ago

    Cannot link to external code analysis tool but:

    - if you have a pipeline in use, perhaps somewhere outiside you can connect on (link to commit in git e.g.)

    - if occasional use, you can go to and put your code for review, quite some basic settings available, and moreover you can install locally (node.js) if wanted :



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    5 years ago

    Hi ductreho,


    Apart from the Code Explorer panel mentioned by tristaanogre, TestComplete does not provide any special features for code analysis. You can post a feature request here - this way, other people can vote for your idea. Our product managers check new ideas on a regular basis and select the most popular ideas for discussion with R&D.

    For a full development IDE experience, you might want to try TestLeft - another SmartBear tool that allows working with the TestComplete engine right from Visual Studio or Java IDEs. You can learn more about TestLeft here.