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10 years ago

Clarification on FindAllChildrenMethod

Hi There I am trying to automate a .net application using Testcomplete.  I am refering one of the frame in the application as follows Set calc = Sys.Process("Client").WinFormsObject("Mai...
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    10 years ago
    Hi Sankar,


    The FindAllChildren method searches for an object by its identification properties. For example, you could find the loginGroupWrapper object in the following way:


    Dim logCntrl, PropArray, ValuesArray, calc

    Set logCntrl = Sys.Process("Client").WinFormsObject("MainFrame").WinFormsObject("LoginBrowserControl")


    PropArray = Array("WndClass", "WndCaption")

    ValuesArray = Array("<Value of WndClass>", "<Value of WndCaption>")


    calc = logCntrl.FindAllChildren(PropArray, ValuesArray, 5)


    If UBound(calc)>= 0 Then


    End If