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2 months ago

Chrome/Edge Extension not always working... why?


I am currently experiencing some issues with Edge/Chrome extension and the playback of browser related keyword tests.

I have a desktop application that open our company website, so i wrote a test to verify that upon clicking this button that the browser opens at the right URL.

So I have installed SmartBear Test Extension on my PC and our Test machines.

This is what the Object Browser shows me when the extension is working fine :

Perfect!. My test runs fine when the extension behaves.

However from time to time, not sure why and under which condition, the browser extension doesn't seem to work and gives something like this:

Im trying to figure out what could be causing this issue?

My test tries to close the browser using .Close when the test completes, however it can be killed if the test crash.

FYI, the same applies whether i use Edge or Chrome.

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  • Well sadly, this doesn't solve the issue since the problem is coming back...

    It seems to be a bit random and this is really annoying since i can't rely on web test anymore since they are not stable...

    Will try to open a case for this.

  • We have updated all our build machine TestExecute to the latest version (and on our own machines) and so far this issue did not occur.

    I guess that the previous version had an issue...

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    I've seen this issue a few times in TC using v15.55.53.7 (current version that I use), and sometimes I will have to do a Ctrl + F5 to reload the web page in Chrome, to get it to work again. Usually, it's the browser not loading the plugin.

    It could be relating to security policies, anti-virus software, user profile etc stopping the plugin from loading. Web browsers are always constantly updating, that could cause issues too.