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3 months ago

Chrome is not launching while executing the code in TestExecute

Hi All,

Unable to launch the chrome browser in Azure VM. I have enabled the SmartBear Test extension in the chrome browser. Please find the code below for launching the browser. But this same code is running fine in the desktop machine. Please help me to solve this problem.

URL = ""   

   //Opens the chrome browser.
    //Navigates to the url.
    //Obtains the browser process
    var browser = Sys.Browser("*");
    // Obtains the page currently opened.
    var page = browser.Page("*");
    //Placing static delay to support element to be loaded.
    //Return the instance of the page.
    return page;

Error Shown:

Unable to find the object Sys.Browser("chrome"). 

The object with the specified attributes does not exist.

Thanks in advance!!



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    Is Chrome installed on the Azure VM? if yes is the TC extention also installed?


    EDIT: nvm, I just read the rest of your post. does Edge work?

  • Yes, Edge is working, But chrome is not working I have enabled the TC extension in chrome browser.