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2 years ago

Check if file is created

I am new to testcomplete, and I cant find what Check function to use.


Everytime an order is made (within my company's software) it creates a new file with a different name.

I have specified where this file gets made, it will be put in an empty folder. (emptied everytime test is run)

Now all I want testcomplete to do is: Check if a file is within this folder.


I can't seem to find what function I can use for this, I could really use some help.


Edit: Just to clarify I just want to know if a file exists there, What is in the file is not important. (it does need to be an .XML file)




  • So I found what i was looking for.

    Aq.FileSystem Object 


    My testcomplete uses VBScript. The example code worked wonders, just changed the last line from posting a message to posting an error. 


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