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4 years ago

Capturing dinamic values



I have this web object: 

Aliases.browser.pageSearchresultsEs.FindElement("//h1[contains(text(), 'Málaga: 413 alojamientos encontrados')]").ContentText


Every time I run the test case the web object changes .(ex: now is  Aliases.browser.pageSearchresultsEs.FindElement("//h1[contains(text(), 'Málaga: 413 alojamientos encontrados')]").ContentText but next time could be Aliases.browser.pageSearchresultsEs.FindElement("//h1[contains(text(), 'Málaga: 410 alojamientos encontrados')]").ContentText


Is there a way to capture the number dinamically?  

I need to show the result so I'm using this:


BuiltIn.ShowMessage(Aliases.browser.pageSearchresultsEs.FindElement("//h1[contains(text(), 'Málaga: 413 alojamientos encontrados')]").ContentText)



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    Is that the only header on the page? Also what if you change the string it's looking for to just "alojamientos encontrados" so it's ignoring the number altogether?