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5 years ago

Rest API: validate dinamic attibute name

Hi guys,

I'm approacing to soap ui.

I have call with post my API, I pass in the header a json.

Response is a JSON, and must have or not attribute in the response.

I would like to check assertions, with tose dinamic attributes.


in attachment my project.



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    Are you missing to add something to your question?
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      Hey msalvador,

      Just reiterating what Rao said.
      You intend to use you mean the open source version or the licensed ReadyAPI! tool?

      In regards to your description, you say you have a REST API to uses a POST method and the payload of the request is in .json type and the response has a .json payload too.
      You want to assert against the content of the response's payload.

      This all sounds typical stuff....does all my above description sound correct?

      So what exactly is the question you want answering?

      Also, you state you attached a file, but there wasnt any attachment in your post...?? Did i misunderstand?


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    The only "outcome" attribute is required, next update and list attributes are dynamic.

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      Please use json path assertion.
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        msalvador , were you able to try what's suggested? Using the json assertion? Please share.