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5 years ago

Capture objects manually & write code using readily available methods.

Hi Friends,
I like to do the following task using TestComplete tool.
1. I like to capture the objects on the web page manually say button, link or image etc.
2. Then, I like to write the code using readily available methods like "Click", "SetText" etc.,
I am using IE browser. How do we do that? 
  • No, that functionality does not exist in TestComplete in writing script code.


    If you use Keyword tests (a visual WYSIWYG test designer), there's a bit more of that available.  You can select the "On Screen Action" operation which has a target redicule that allows you to select the object on screen (not from the repository).


    As for writing it from then top level hierarchy, yes... unless you assign segments to variables.  Doing that, TestComplete is "smart" enough to recognize that it can grab information from the declared variable.


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