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3 years ago

Can't find the Watch window in the debugger.

I'm trying to debug a script and want to see the values of objects and their properties. I highlight the object and add a watch but there is no window showing the added watch. I'm new to TestComplete; the previous day I was using the watch, it was displayed below the editor. I must have somehow hidden it but can't find how to display it again. Does anyone know how to display it again?

TIA Alan

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  • Hi Claddaghduff 


    Hope you are well.


    I think what is happening is that the "object spy" is missing from your toolbar selection 


    This is highly customizable however if your tool bars are at the top simply rightclick and ensure "tools" are selected. 


    Alternatively if you click on view>toolsbars>restart default tool bar this will use the default tool bar


    Afterwords your object spy tool will be visible on top of your workspace



    Let me know if this helps 







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      Thanks Vinnie. I was trying to find the Watch List for variables/object in the javascripts editor whilst debugging javascript. I found a way to do it by opening the Expression window and dragging it in the javascript editor. It now appears in there any time I open the editor.