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4 years ago

ReadyAPI Groovy script debugger - How to inspect ReadyAPI variables?

A groovy script in ReadyAPI references ReadyAPI variables like "context". For example, like this - String scriptVar = context.expand( '${#TestCase#myVariable}' ). I would like to inspect the variables inside "context" before they are "expanded" by the script and assigned to variables like scriptVar. How do I do that while debugging ?

In the debugger variables, I expanded the "context" variable to show all its internal variables. But, I could not find any obvious place where all its variables like myVariable would be stored.

  • Hi rajs2020,

    I think logging a variable value can be one of the options:
    or (context.expand( '${#TestCase#myVariable}' ))


    Please take a look at all possible options in the Debugging Groovy scripts paragraph.