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8 years ago

Cannot open my Project Suite anymore



I've a problem opening my Testcomplete project suite. It's giving the following message on trying to open the Project Suite::

Cannot open the (project) file because it is not a valid project suite or project file]


Yesterday it worked fine but today I cannot start it anymore. Does anybody know if there's any logging created on opening a project so I can find out what's going wrong?


It's a pretty large project so I rather not lose it. Unfortunately I don't use source control but just a nightly backup of all files. But this backup shows the same problem: it cannot load the project. 

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    What version of TC are you using?  Did you upgrade your project and then try to open it with an old version of TC?

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      I am in big problem now. Now I’m not able to open my project in TestComplete.

      I don’t know what is wrong with the project it was working fine. When I added a new script it stopped working.

      I though there may be some problem in my recent newly  added script. So I deleted the newly  added script file .

      But still unable to open my project. Please help me to resolved this issue. Attached the screenshot for reference.

      Let me know if you need any further detail on this.


      I don't want to loose this project. Please help me to recover it

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        Try copying the project locally so you don't have any network issues.


        If that fails, one of your project files may be corrupted.  (Do you have backups?)  If you're still having problems, open a support case and we can try to figure out what happened.