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4 years ago

Azure Devops is not executing the Test items which are not marked as Testcase in Testcomplete.

I am using Testcomplete v14.10,  To integrate with Devops, i am using Visual Studio Test Task in my pipeline.  Visual Studio Test Task settings is attached. (Refer -VSTest_setting.JPG).  In my  Test ...
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    4 years ago

    Hi Venugopal2,


    Thank you for attaching the screenshots.


    By design, the TestComplete Test Adapter can only discover TestComplete test items that are marked as test cases, so the behavior you observe is expected. Thus, making the "Regression_Tests" item a test case is the only way to run it from Azure DevOps. You mentioned that "Regression_Tests" uses the aqTestCase methods for creating dynamic test cases and running some pre-tasks. However, dynamic test cases are not supported in Azure DevOps - "Regression_Tests" and everything it runs will always be shown as a single test case there. We'll review our documentation to see if we can explicitly mention it.


    Also, please note that by default the adapter runs all test cases, no matter if they are enabled or disabled. So, to be sure no disabled test cases will ever be run, you can use this filter syntax: Enabled=True.