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7 years ago

ActiveX not supported by IE

I have a question because I checked everything and this is my last hope.
On my machines with Test Complete (win7) and Test Execute (2012 Serwer R2), Active X controls stopped working in IE.
Only common thing to those machines is Smartbear product.

I tried everything: trusted sites, custom lvl security settings, IE reinstall, IE change version, registry tricks to mark activeX class trusted.
Windows event log shows it always as blocked. This is not only to my activex, but to every activex i can find. Maybe except flash.

Anyone have an idea, what is causing the problem?


Thanks in advance

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    7 years ago


     HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\TabProcGrowth set to 0 is causing that issue.

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    We have not heard about such issues. Does the issue occur only when TC/TE is launched? If TC/TE is not launched, it shouldn't affect your environment anyhow. 


    Will the issue disappear if you uninstall TC/TE?