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3 years ago

A question about Checkpoints

I have various checkpoints that are going to be setup with this product however as I create new data my the values will be different than

what the baseline would be.


For example say the baseline uses my name with all the appropriate information in the data.

However, I want to set it up as a variable where the checkpoint might have my name but then the next day I have a new persons

name and I want to have the checkpoint so that if that new person runs the script it will pass because it is setup correctly with a for various

people and different data that may be entered throughout.

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    This is another case where you would want to use a .csv file, even if there's only one row of data.  Whoever is running the test on a given day can update the .csv file without having to touch the test code.


    In case you didn't see it in your other post yet, here's a helpful tutorial: