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7 years ago

A prompt: Could u please show figure next to the folders?

On project panel, can you add figure which shows the amount of the automated cases next to all the folders? Because I can know how many cases I have automated easily. For now, I have to count the nu...
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    7 years ago

    karkadil wrote:

    Alex, why not?


    The number may display the number of the routines in the script unit, for instance.


    As for me, this sounds like a useful feature request.

    Number of routines per script unit is displayed in the Code Explorer already.



    I understand what SlowDaniel would like to see... a count of how many items are contained in each folder.  That would probably be useful so long as it is understood that the count does not reflect # of test cases.  A keyword test != a test case... sometimes a keyword test is a repeatable piece of code that is used by multiple keyword tests.  So, the count on each folder should be displayed, simply, as the count of items within that folder.