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2 years ago

<tr> <td> having problems with tables inside of a iFrame and with same image buttons

Hello everyone,


When I want to collapse a certain view it is not possible because all the expand views have the same ID and is the same image.
what is a work around for this? 
as of now I could not fix this issue.

And what is the best way to get the right Name Map with tables? I'm using ranorex but every xpath or rxpath is with a table.

The problem is dat everytime a new top level unit is created. so it will move position. how do I keep it set to stick with Freshly made Top level unit

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  • Find all those elements with the same ID/class name/tag name, you'll get an array/list of elements, then you have to click them by position. 

    You could loop on each element of the list and ask for the Text/textContent and if it includes the value you expect (e.g. "Application") then you can break the loop and click that one.

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      I don't think that will work. because from forehand it is not possible to know on which position it is going to be placed upon.


      and even after iterating through all the names and checking it. How will I select the box next to the name I want it to select