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4 years ago

Why my API requests have suddenly stopped working?

Suddenly, my API requests are not producing any response. They are just getting executed for an infinite amount of time. But the same requests are working in Postman. Please find the attached screen...
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    4 years ago

    Hi richie ,


    It is working now.

    1) It was actually the proxy setting issue which was done by the support team and hence my normal requests were not working.

    2) And the incorrect event handler script added to the test case which automatically gets added to all the test cases.


    I found this when I enabled the proxy setting in Postman and my requests stopped working. And then I realised that the issue in ReadyAPI/SOAPUI which has to do something with the proxy. So I checked the proxy setting which was actually ON as shown below.

    And now I have made it OFF and it is absolutely working fine.

    Thanks for your help too!