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6 years ago

Week 4 Winners – API Summer New Task

Hi everyone,


And welcome to our weekly API Summer 2018 awards! I’m happy to announce that I’m closing phase 1 of the event – in June, you showed incredible engagement by posting a lot of great replies and willingness to win ;) Now, July has come with a new task, so get ready to win!


The new task for July is to create the biggest number of topics on the ReadyAPI forum, which includes not only asking questions, but also sharing use cases, tips, best practices and whatever you would like to discuss regarding the product. So, ask, share, learn, and discuss to win prizes from SmartBear!


Now, please join me in congratulating the winners of the previous week!


1st place - @msiadak

$50 gift card

43 replies

2nd place - @Lucian

$35 gift card

27 replies

3rd place - @sanj

$15 gift card

13 replies


Great to see this awesome team of experts at the top again!


Now, are you ready for the new challenge?

Good luck this week, and may the most active members win!