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6 years ago

Week 11 Winners – API Summer

Hi Community,


I’m happy to announce the results of our API Summer 2018 this week. Join me in welcoming our Week 11 winners:
















Good job, sanj, aaronpliu, Sehuang, and jhanzeb1!


Let me remind you, that we have got only 2 weeks left to participate, so don’t miss the chance, create new topics, post your replies, and keep an eye on our additional tasks during the week.


You can also earn extra points by implementing special tasks specified here. Accept the challenge today and win next Monday! 


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    Super Contributor

    Thanks Feels good to contribute and its more rewarding when you SMARTBears continue to value and reward us for our invaluable contribution.



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      Way to go, Sanjeet, you rock!

      We are happy that you enjoy our community events :smileyvery-happy: