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6 years ago

Week 13 API Summer Winners

Hello everyone,


Summer has come and passed… And, so has our API Summer 2018.


That was a fantastic event! We’ll talk numbers later in this post, for now, we would like to thank every participant; you all made this happen! It was very exciting to see your willingness to help each other out. Many of you were not afraid to challenge yourself and take up the additional tasks we had to offer.


Thank you!


Now, the cold facts and numbers that actually make our hearts warm :smileyhappy:: more than 300 questions were discussed, 1000 replies were posted, 14 members won.


And, one last time, I'm announcing the winners for this week:


1st place


$50 gift card

2nd place


$35 gift card

3rd place


$15 gift card


Congrats, guys!


If you enjoyed API Summer like we did, give this post your biggest Kudos :smileyhappy: and leave your comments below.


We hope to see all of you in our future events! Stay tuned.

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    Congratulations to everyone who participated, and thank you for the time and efforts you've been putting into this :heart:


    I’m looking forward to new Community events,

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    Thanks to the entire ReadyAPI Community for your contribution to API Summer! Those three months were incredible 👍
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      I definitely had a blast again this summer, and learned a lot to boot! I can't wait to see what else your team has in store for us. :)