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6 years ago

Week 10 Winners – API Summer

Hi Community,


What an intense week we have had. So many good topics have been created, and so many suggestions have been provided – it was difficult to predict the winner this time, but here they are, our Week 10 API Summer 2018 leaders!


1st place -   jhanzeb1

$50 gift card

17 points

2nd place -  HimanshuTayal

$35 gift card

16 points (2 for TechCorner included)

3rd place -  Lucian

$15 gift card

12 points


Great results, congratulations everyone.


We have got 3 weeks of API Summer left, so put forth your greatest effort to win. Still wondering how to participate? It's easy - create new topics, post your replies, and keep an eye on our additional tasks during the week!


I hope you enjoy the event,


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      SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

      Congratulate, Himanshu. I've just assigned the API Summer badge to your account :)

      Very soon, I'll contact you to discuss the ways of how you can get the earned gift card.