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7 years ago

[Week 3] API Summer 2018 Leaders So Far

Hi all,


Are you curious to find out who has the biggest number of replies so far during Week 3 of our API Summer 2018? Here are the most active members:


  1. @msiadak – 15 replies
  2. @Lucian – 12 replies
  3. @sanj – 11 replies
  4. @N78A – 4 replies
  5. @cunderw@FrankP@RAgarwal gave 3 replies each


If you have posted at least one reply in the ReadyAPI Community this week, you are already taking part in the event. So, keep posting, keep being active, and you can get an awesome gift card next week. Let me remind you that the first place gets a $50 gift card, the second one – a $35 gift card, and the third gets a $15 gift card.


We have a surprise for you! Now, if you win, you get a new awesome Community badge – “API Summer Winner”. You deserve it.




Also, to shake you up, we will give an extra point to your score if you reply to these topics :smileywink::
loadUI not running testCase in sequence

how to prioritize event


I’m looking forward to announcing new winners next Monday!

See you there,

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