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6 years ago

[Week 10] API Summer 2018 Leaders So Far

Hi all,


Good job everyone who takes part in  API Summer 2018, the Community has been really active these days. Let me introduce the Week 10 leaders so far:


HimanshuTayal with 12 posts

MoUddin and jhanzeb1 have 6 posts each

Ludo15101966 with 5 posts


These are preliminary results, so it’s time to get even more active!


In several days, we will announce the winners, so create the biggest number of topics and give the biggest number of replies on ReadyAPI forums to win. Want the gifts but don't know what to write about? Please find some ideas here – creating these scripts will give you 2 points to your score.


I’m looking forward to announcing new winners next Monday!

See you there,


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