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7 months ago

Test step for a request with multiple values at different positions in the request

Hello everyone,
So far, I've been use to set multi values for the same parameter by separating them with a ";" in the parameters setting (
However, by using this, the 2 values are near to each other in the request.
How could I set 2 different values for the same parameter, when one of them must be at the beginning of a long request, and the second at the end of the request?

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    Hey Leift 


    Other than using a load of extraneous groovy script for very little value add or hardcoding the Query string (which is not what you want I suspect) I don't know anyway to separate out multi value parms in a query string - perhaps someone else might know - but I don't think ReadyAPI supports this.


    Reason I'm saying this is that sequencing/ordering of query parms & their values within a query string at the end of a URI doesn't matter from the listening endpoints perspective. - What I mean is - the listening endpoint doesn't care what order the parms are within the query string when it receives the request - it processes each parm the same way it does any other.


    SmartBear wouldn't bother coding to give us extra functionality that isn't essential and 1 person in 10000 might use.


    I might be mistaken, but I think my logic holds on this one,