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8 years ago

SoapUI NG Pro integration with Jenkins?

Ok, so I'm facing a SNI problem: opensource SoapUI 5.2.1 refuses to send Extension server_name in the SSL handshake and as a result I get SSLHandshakeException.

I did a bit of digging and opensource SoapUI 5.2.2 might have a fix for SNI - but I just can't find it at the official com.smartbear.soapui Maven repository, opensource SoapUI v5.2.2 is there at the github though but I can't seem to build it... SO with all that unnecessary hassle I've decided to give SoapUI NG Pro a go: but I don't get it how do I integrate your new fancy SoapUI NG Pro with Jenkins?
Apart from shiny advertisement and happy-happy sales pitches I could find almost 0 information on actual Jenkins integration!
Oh, I did find "Ready-API-jenkins-plugin" and that didn't work - did it mean to? According to that plugin description it's meant to run mockups and not SoapUI tests ?!!



...All I really need is a version of SoapUI which supports SNI (sends Extension server_name in the SSL handshake)
and has a well documented (not well advertised) way of integrating with Jenkins

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  • Hi,

    I never tried jenkins plugin But below is my solution



    install jenkins,

    >>create new project, video is availiable in youtube. follow that

    in the configuration you will find a box named Execute Windows batch command as below


    now go to SoapUI and launch test runner for your project and  in the output window you will get batch command to run your project as below





    copy and paste it with modification required.


    Hope this will help you...

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      Thank you, T3D - but unfortunately that doesn't help me much and here's why:

      1) I've got a remote server machine (debian linux box) with Jenkins on it

      2) The server box is soo secure that other than via Jenkins I don't really have access to it

      3) With opensource SoapUI v 5.2.1 I could have a Maven project (which uses soap-ui-plugin to run SoapUI tests) and maven takes care of all those jar dependencies


      NOW with your approach I'd have to copy the entire SoapUI NG Pro installation (140+ MB) onto the server - and I don't really have access to it: I won't be (easily) able to upload it and play with the config files.


      What I did find on the official SmartBear page as for Maven plugin is way, way old and obsolete and applies to v 5.1.0

      NOT to this fancy-flashy SoapUI NG Pro.

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        If you are using SoapUI Pro or SoapUI NG Pro, you will need a licensed version of the tool on your Jenkins machine to execute the tests.