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9 years ago

How to integrate soapui tests with jenkins?



i have Ready API 1.4.1-m-SNAPSHOT version.

1-How to configure my project in order to integrate in jenkins?

2-do i have to configure my project in mave?

3-the help page does not have these informations.


Thank you

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    Hello everyone,


    Can someone share the exact steps to integrate Soap UI with Jenkins- In every post I  see different comments.. everyone is just sharing assumptions.. Has anyone tried and able run Jenkins test if yes then please share the exact Steps...

    I will really appreciate!

    Thanks in advance

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      I have integrated with ANT file created and that file is given as executable in Jenkins using TestRunner.bat is key.

      If you are aware of ANT using in Jenkins and also how to testrunner.bat from cmd prompt. Integrate both. It will work.

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      i do not understand the documentation in your link.

      i see there are twos ways to install, i prefer with testrunner.bat


      1- i downloaded the jenkins plugin.

      2- Ready api is already installed in my computer.

      3- Should i install a second time, Ready api in computer where Jenkins is isntalled ?

      4- How do i manage the licence. it's already used in my computer.

      5-where should use the jenkins plugin?


      Thank you




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        this issue has any solution?