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6 months ago

SoapUI Groovy to save Requests and Responses in a txt file

How can I save my REST project in SoapUI Open Source all requests and responses that was ran to a txt file divided in sections test by test. I would like to use a Groovy code to do it, Please may someone help me?


Test 1 - Title
Request code
Response code

Test 2 - Title
Request code
Response code

I tried to save the Dump File but I need all request and response information with titles and all test steps together in the same file.

How can I solve my problem using REST API and save all requests and responses that was ran?

Thank you too munch!

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    Hey mayannaoliveira,

    I have an event handler script running that does exactly what you need, but it's been about 5 years since i used open source SoapUI.

    Does open source SoapUI include event handler functionality or is it just ReadyAPI? Sorry i can't remember.

    Someone else will probably be able to answer this better than i, but if no one answers i'll dig out the event handler script. We'll need to change it to run in a SoapUI teardown script or whatever SoapUI supports, so this wouldn't be my first choice.