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2 years ago

SmartBear Load Agent

Hi, I am trying to configure  Cloud Agent Controller for Amazon Free Tier.

Region: US East (N. Virginia)

Network: EC2 Classic

Zone: us-east-1a

Image: empty 

Capacity: 1

Agent port: 1991

Instance type: t1.micro 

Connection is succesful


When I try to run scenarios on agents I receive a message "Unable to estimate the cost of your test: The image "SmartBear LoadUI Agent" was not found.. You can try to change the region, network, image or instance type, if needed, or contact our Support Team."


Manual creation of such EC2 instances with image is successful.

SmartBear LoadUI Agent 61


Type=LoadUI Agent;Agent version=61


So what is the issue?


Thank you in advance! 




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