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5 years ago

ReadyAPI-x64-3.2.0 does not launch in WIN10 64

Hello friends,   First time installation of ReadyAPI-x64-3.2.0 does not launch or Failed to start ReadyAPI in WIN10 64    I've gone through existing solutions but didn't match to my issue.    T...
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    5 years ago
    Hi ssirapu,

    The fact you say when you tried installing v3.1.0 and got the same behaviour as when you installed v3.2.0 is indicative that theres some environmental clash on your laptop.....i.e. ReadyAPI! showing no visible boot up.

    I did mention this in my last but i dont think i was clear. When you try and launch ReadyAPI!, if you launch taskmanager (not taskbar), and select the processes tab, does an entry appear equating to ReadyAPI!? Im just wondering that 1. Do you get a ReadyAPI! instance appearing in taskmanager and 2. If there is anything maxing out the resource usage on your laptop. I know pre_fetch on win10 can bring disk usage up to 100% for maybe 10/15mins after boot (along with swap file usage) depending on your setup (especially if youre running an I5 processor) and so if ReadyAPI! startup is sequenced after other stuff thats maxing out your resource usage, it could take a long time to start....perhaps even 20mins (i once had a ReadyAPI! instance on a rubbish VM that took 20mins to boot), but it might still start. So wondering when you say its not starting is it just that it'll take a long time to start but still might.
    Whats the spec of your laptop? RAM? processor?

    Is the java run time (jdk not jre as i remember i think some groovy needs libraries available only in the jdk not the jre) you have installed 64bit as well? It is essential that the 'bit type' (sorry...dont know the correct term for this) either 64bit or x86 (32bit) of your installed java instance is the same bit type as your ReadyAPI! instance. I thought that Smartbear still made 32bit ReadyAPI! but from the page Rao supplied it doesnt appear so anymore, so just make sure your java is 64bit as well.

    Finally if reinstalling hasnt helped, and the other stuff i mentioned doesnt help, id raise a support call to Smartbear (i cant provide the link cos im typing this on my phone, but the support link is at the top of the forum page) .

    Hope the comments my have helped,