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8 years ago

How to change a Project's Name / Properties

I created a Rest Project in our development environment with several test suites.  When I created it, I named it Project1.  The time came that I was ready to promote the code to our Test environment....
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    8 years ago

    The way I get around this is to open the original project and to use the "Save As" function which should save it as a new and separate project that you would be able to have loaded at the same time. If you haven't made a lot of changes with the two projects that's your best way forward right now.


    If you have already set up the Project1Test and have done a lot of work on it, you can still fix the problem but it may be a little more involved. What I typically do is create a new / completely empty project and import/copy the test suites from Project1Test into it, and save that.

    The issue is that the XML project files are not referenced by name, but rather by a UUID contained in the XML of the file. If you make a straight up copy as you did, that UUID will be the same and thus the software cannot see a difference between them.