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12 years ago

FullName-Property changing arbitrary

Hello there,

im facing some bad problems here. Im running TestComplete 9 on Windows 7 and Im testing a VB6 Application.

Im mapping a button by its FullName-Property but when I restart the Application for some odd reason sometimes the FullName-Property changes thus my Alias isn't working anymore.

I checked the Full-Name and it seems to switch between those 2:

Sys.Process("Testus").Window("ThunderRT6FormDC", "TESTUS (V3.14.15) - Administrator", 2).VBObject("Splitter").VBObject("ctlContainer").VBObject("ctlSpezifikationSituation").VBObject("tabMain").VBObject("ctlSpezifikationReaktion").VBObject("Splitter_3").VBObject("frmReaktionen").VBObject("cmdAddSequence").VBObject("cmdAddSequence")

Sys.Process("Testus").Window("ThunderRT6FormDC", "TESTUS (V3.14.15) - Administrator", 2).VBObject("Splitter").VBObject("ctlContainer").VBObject("ctlSpezifikationSituation").VBObject("tabMain").VBObject("ctlSpezifikationReaktion").VBObject("Splitter").VBObject("frmReaktionen").VBObject("cmdAddSequence").VBObject("cmdAddSequence")

Im facing that problem since I switched from Windows XP & TestComplete 7 to Windows 7 and TestComplete 9. I tried to reproduce that error on WinXP with TC7 with no results which means that it is not my Application causing this problem.

I hope somebody can help me.


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