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3 years ago

SmartBear Talks | Meet the ReadyAPI QA Lead - Nikolay Mirontsev

This is the freshest video interview within the Inside ReadyAPI initiative. Please meet a new ReadyAPI hero - Nikolay Mirontsev, ReadyAPI QA Lead. In the interview, we talk about Nikolay's duties and the specifics of testing ReadyAPI. You will learn which approaches to testing the team prefers, as well as how the team is using ReadyAPI to test ReadyAPI. I'm sure this video will be interesting for all API testers.


Watch the interview and leave your comments below:


Nikolay Mirontsev - SmartBear QA Lead for ReadyAPI


Quick links:

00:00​ Introduction

01:24​ Nikolay's background

01:54 The path to becoming a QA Lead

02:53​ Day-to-day work

03:42​ Self-Education

04:31​ How we test ReadyAPI

05:27 Automated tests for ReadyAPI

06:39 Monthly release cycle - specifics of testing

08:07 The most memorable ReadyAPI feature for testing

09:39 Why ReadyAPI is perfect for API testers

10:34​ Thank you


I hope you found this video informative! Feel free to post your questions under this post, in case you have any. You can watch more videos with the ReadyAPI Team on this page.

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