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2 years ago

[WEBINAR] Scale. Update. Deploy: Boost Collaboration in Event-Driven Architecture

Hi ReadyAPI Community!


We had a webinar! - "Scale. Update. Deploy: Boost Collaboration in Event-Driven Architecture with Development and QA Teams"


As companies grow and rely more on automation and expansion through APIs, so does the need to manage that increasing complexity. Event driven architectures add a backbone to an organization's internal services, satisfying the need to rapidly deploy new services, engage in real-time communications, and deliver more value both internally and to end users.  


API standards continue to emerge to meet new challenges. The State of Software Quality | API survey released by SmartBear last year showed the growing popularity of the AsyncAPI standard, doubling from the previous survey. The findings also showed that 81% of respondents use more than one API specification with 57% using three or more.   


With SmartBear’s commitment to the API Lifecycle, we’ve added some new functionalities to our flagship API development and testing tools. Join us to learn about:


  • AsyncAPI standardization in SwaggerHub 
  • How to import AsyncAPIs from SwaggerHub into ReadyAPI for testing  
  • How to broker the complexity of EDAs with PactFlow 
  • Live Demo  
  • Q&A 
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