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5 years ago


I'm new to ReadyAPI... So, I'm not sure what to do next:

1) I created a SOAPUI project 

2) I have one REST Get call ( a polling interval call that changes at 3 sec intervals)

3) Then from a command window I make an API call to start a process

4) I then make my REST Get call from ReadyAPI (to change the polling of the process every 3 sec)

5) Back in the command window the REST call I performed in step 4, has made a change, but the change is in the command window with a time stamp (showing every 3 seconds the process will poll)

I'm not sure how to capture the results in the command window from ReadyAPI. I thought of using an Assertion, but I'm not sure how to capture assertions from an outside source(the command window). OR do I use the TestRunner app in ReadyAPI, I was reading up on this app?


Please Help,


  • Closing this posting because I figured out a solution