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13 years ago

Support Manager SetUp - Choice List fields


 In step 3 of the setup of the new feature "Support manager" I could insert some fields that the customer has-to/could set.

 If I add a field, defined as choice list (eg: Severity or Prioriy), this field is shown in the user support panel/page as a simple text field, allowing customer to insert some wrong text, words or values.

 Is it possible to show the Final user the same choice list defined in AlmComplete?



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  • Hi Sergio,

    If you uncheck the "Is Locked" then the user will see the drop down arrow and the choice lists.

    "Is Locked" really shouldn't let them change the value, so we need to take a look at that.

  • OK.

    It wors.

    I've found other two little problems, but I'll open -soon- true "tickets" with your support service.