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2 years ago

error while importing test cases from xlsx

I chose same Test name, but the description is different (pic er1). Since discriminator of test cases is Test Name, tests with the same Test Name have not been imported. Question: why?


Another missing import was when Test Names were very similar (pic er2; test in orange did not import).

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  • It seems like you're encountering an issue while importing test cases from an Excel file. From your description it appears that tests with the same Test Name but different descriptions are not being imported, and also tests with very similar Test Names are not being imported.

    The reason for this could be due to the import process relying solely on the Test Name as the discriminator, which means that if there are duplicate or very similar Test Names, the import process may not handle them correctly.

    To resolve this issue, you may need to review your import process and consider using additional discriminators or refining your import criteria to account for variations in Test Names or descriptions. Alternatively, you could preprocess your Excel file to ensure uniqueness or clarity in Test Names before importing.

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      An error encountered while importing test cases from an XLSX file technukti can stem from various issues. Common errors include formatting inconsistencies, such as mismatched column headers or improperly structured data. Additionally, the presence of special characters or unsupported file formats within the XLSX file may lead to import failures. In some cases, corrupted or damaged files can trigger errors during the import process. Furthermore, issues with data mapping or compatibility conflicts between the importing tool and the XLSX file format can also result in errors. To resolve these errors, it's essential to thoroughly review the XLSX file's structure, ensure data integrity, and address any formatting discrepancies before attempting the import process again. Additionally, verifying compatibility between the importing tool and the file format can help mitigate potential errors during import.

  • When importing test cases from an XLSX file bandxpert, errors may occur due to incompatible file formats or corrupted data within the spreadsheet. Additionally, discrepancies in column headers or formatting inconsistencies could lead to import failures. Furthermore, if the XLSX file contains unsupported characters or special symbols, it may result in parsing errors during the import process. In some cases, insufficient permissions or file access restrictions may also hinder the successful import of test cases. Finally, network connectivity issues or server downtime could disrupt the import process, causing errors to occur.

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    If two test cases have identical names but different descriptions, the system might treat them as duplicates and only import one of them. This could be why the test with the same name but a different description was not imported (pic er1).

    In the case where test names are very similar but not identical, the system might still consider them too similar and avoid importing one to prevent confusion or potential conflicts (pic er2).

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    If you're receiving error messages during the import process, carefully review them to identify the specific cause of the problem. Error messages can provide valuable information about what went wrong and help guide your troubleshooting efforts.

  • Similar Test Names might also cause issues. It might be helpful to check the import settings to see if there's an option to include descriptions or handle similar names differently.