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10 years ago

Google Chrome's connection attempt to was rejected. The website may be down, or your network may not be properly configured.

My first use of Collaborator after the Christmas break presents me with the 'rejected' error.  I have restarted my host (Ubuntu) but that didn't help.

This URL doesn't work

but yields the following.  Where do i look to fix this?  I didn't see anything in the apache access or error logs.  thanks

Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page

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  • Hi Dan, 

    Please send us the log files of Collaborator server to Add my name to the email title and I investigate the problem. Send us the following files:

    - <collab install dir>/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/*

    - <collab install dir>/tomcat/logs/*

    - <collab install dir>/*.log

    - <collab install dir>/*.vmoptions

    Did you restart Collaborator Service after rebooting the machine?

    Thank you, 


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    well i jumped the gun and reinstalled.  That worked but i lost my prior configuration.  Not a big deal since this is only a test environment.

    If this happens again, know what you would want.  I didn't know there was a Collaborator service.  I will try that too.

    thx for the reply
  • I am glad you got Collaborator up and running. Yes the service name is ccollab-server located under Collaborator directory. If you need any assistance or have any question, don't hesitate to send it to us. Good luck :)