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3 months ago

Cannot open individual projects

I am relatively new to Collaborator, so apologies for my naivety. We are still in the setting-up phase, so nothing is in production.

We recently updated our Collab server to 14.5.14502, and in the process, we migrated from the embedded HSQL to an Oracle database schema.

Reviews, templates, and custom fields are all good and working as intended since the upgrade/migration.

However, since that upgrade, I am unable to open any of my projects. I can view the project list in the Projects tab, but clicking on an individual project causes a blank screen with a never-ending "Loading..." graphic.

Is there a viable solution to this issue? Any help is appreciated. 

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    Hi mardito 

    Looks it is a sort of config / migration issues

    Can you check the below reference page and configurations all inline and also make sure the limitations which could also cause a bit issue as what you are experiencing

    Oracle | Collaborator Documentation (


    Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!
    Thank you very much and have a great one!

    Warm regards

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      Thanks for the response. I checked the configurations and limitations in the reference doc you supplied and all is good as far as I can see.

      We are on 19c. We do not have Oracle Text Search enabled, so no CTX_DDL package was installed. We are not in a non-English locale. There are no double quotes in any field names. Our Oracle JDBC driver was installed correctly and during installation, we used the GLOBAL_DBNAME, not SID 

      I did run a debug on my collaborator when the error occurred, and opened a support ticket attaching the debug output. 

      One of the lines in the error log is intriguing: 

      SEVERE: Last error captured before entering debug mode: Exception caught: Exception caught: (TypeError) : Cannot read properties of null (reading 'Vc')

      I am waiting on customer support to respond, and if it proves helpful, I will post a solution here if none is provided by other users.

  • You should check the Collaborator error logs and Oracle database logs for any error or warning messages that may indicate the cause of the problem. Next, refer to the Collaborator documentation or contact SmartBear technical support for further instructions and assistance in resolving the issue.

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    we have noted a bug in collab where if the user has configured the report columns at the bottom to include phase, projects may stick in load.  Normally, you may be able to get at least one project to load, go to this area and deselect.  Good luck.