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3 years ago

Zephyr Squad Server Rest API

Hi I am trying to access Zeohyr Squad REST Open APIs, Now in fetching execution APIs when I am trying to get execution response it is returning me with empty response, but when I try the same API after accessing that execution from browser it gives me response. 

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    Hi Anupam1989,
    I am only starting to use the REST API two weeks ago.
    You have GET and POST requests. In case you are logged in. You just can open a new browser tab and copy the URL of the GET request you want to issue.
    Since you are authenticated/login within the browser the request will be processed without asking for credentials.


    You can do the same via windows comandline using curl.exe (built in in win10). E.g.

    curl -D- -u XXXXX:YYYYY -X GET -H "X-Atlassian-Token: no-check"

    You have to replace XXXX and YYYYY with your Jira Username and Password.

    Of course it is no valid approach to hardcode your user credentials within a script. In case you omit ":YYYY" you will be prompted for the password.

    I am currently looking for a way to use another more secure authentification mechanism (tokens?), which can be used for an impersonate access within scripts.

    Can you give some more details: OS Windows or Linux, Script/Programming Language to be used for REST communication: Python, Perl, Java, ...

    Best regards, Raphael