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3 years ago

Usage of REST API in Zephyr Squad Server



I am trying to use the Rest API provided by the product "Zephyr Squad - Test Management for Jira Data Center Version 6.2.3".

I have installed a Jira+Zephyr test instance to write a script to upload test results from a proprietary test automation framework.

Basically I just want to upload logfiles and screenshots and alike as a prove of evidence for test execution.


I am aware that Jira and Zephyr is moving from on-premise into cloud.

The productive version of the Zephyr Squad Server we are using is:
Zephyr for Jira - Test Management for JIRA (Server) 6.1.1

I must confess that I am not very clear with the different version/editions avaliable on-premise as well in the cloud.

My understanding is that both mentioned Zephyr versions offer a REST API.

My questions are:

- where to start, i.e. is there getting started example how to generate credentianls for one of the two mentioned zephyr versions (6.1.1, 6.2.3) and execute a api call?

Invoking: http://localhost:8080/jira/rest/zapi/latest results in 404


- when ends support for "Zephyr for Jira - Test Management for JIRA (Server) 6.1.1"


I know the first question is not very specific, I am just confused where to get the information due to the different product versions. Just need a hint.

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