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4 years ago

Switching Projects when Creating a Zephyr Test

We'd like to configure the 'Create a Test' screen (under 'Tests')  to show a drop-down of projects to associate the Zephyr test. Unfortunately the Project item is static. Is this possible?



I see you get the desired behaviour when using the global [Create] button/workflow as a comparison.

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  • Hi,


    The Create Issue dialog (both at the global and Project level) is a default dialog controlled by Jira, Zephyr doesn't have any control over how the dialog is displayed. 


    Since at the global level there is no context of a Project you get multiple project options to choose from and since at the Project level you already are in context of a project, you can't choose any, from a Zephyr perspective we add the additional Zephyr specific field  that are required. 


    I hope this answers your query.