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3 years ago

not able to get full content of feature file

I am following BDD approach. So I created the BDD feature (story) and I have created a multiple test for that story but while downloading the feature file am not getting full content. Am getting only the title and description 

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  • Hi Sujatha,


    As per the screenshots I can see that you have created normal test not BDD Scenarios (Test scenarios), so test case data is not showing in feature file

    If Test issue type is having label BDD_Scenario then we will consider the test case as BDD Scenario (Gherkin editor will display), if Test doesn't have any label with name BDD_Scenario then it will be normal test cases (Manual test case you can see normal test detail section with default fields as step, data, result)

    If BDD story is linked with BDD scenarios then only test detail section will be downloaded in feature file, in your case please add label BDD_Scenario to the linked test cases and retry the download feature file from Story



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      Hi Jagadeesh,

      Thanks for your reply


      The test you saw in screenshots is BDD scenario only with label (BDD-scenario).

      The scenario become test once we created.