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8 years ago

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Hi all


I was wondering if any of you can help me to solve this problem.


I have attached the screenshot of my application under test for your reference. The object in question is 'Job Name' which has got multiple jobs listed under it.

Issue I am experiencing is that when I record a test I select a specific job(eg:AccruedFeeBatch) however while executing the test TC gets bit tempramental and instead of selecting 'AccruedFeeBatch' it selects 'AccountClosurebatch'. I am not sure why it selects wrong test ? Also whe I use ObjectSpy on the Job Name it doesn not display its contents ie the different job types under it. Is there a reason to that ? Is there a way I Can make TC recognize all the jobs under Job Name ?


Your help is much appreciated. Thanks

  • Looking at those screenshots, the mapping is fine (MappedName is populated so the name mapping identification is fine).


    What line of code is generating your current error?  Can you post the code that you are executing?

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    Can you post a screenshot of the keyword test that is performing this action or the script code that is doing it?  The problem is not necessarily with the component but potentially with how the recording ended up performing the action.  You might need to alter some parts of your recording to get it to select the right item.

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    Please find the screenshot attached.


    The way I had designed my test is by entering the keyword  'pu' to search for the job and then select it as the scroll bar seems to be very tempramental too.

    While recording I scrolled upto the item and then selct the check box but while executing the same test, TC does scroll down however selects a wrong item hence I designed the test with keyword search but it still failt o select the right item. Cheers