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4 years ago

Change Default Link Type

Is it possible to change the default link type between a test issue and a development issue? Right now it defaults to the Relates type (i.e Tests relates to Defect). I've created a Link Type called Testing with Tests and Tested By as my outward and inward descriptions. I just don't know how to get Zephyr to use those. Furthermore, on the General Configuration screen, the Reset feature for Link Types isn't working; I try to change the link types and hit reset but no changes take place to the issues.


Of note, I created a new Project where all related tests go. I have elected not to mix our tests with the rest of our development backlog.

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      That setting does not work. I have it set to Testing. When I'm on a defect and create a new Zephyr Test, the new link type to the defect is always Relates to instead of Tests. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. You can see my settings in the attached screenshot.


      What project should the top box be on? I have two projects - one for our backlog (improvements and defects) and another project for the Zephyr Test. I want to create a Zephyr test in it's own project and link type it back to the defect as "Tests".


      Please help. This is nuts. It shouldn't be this hard.